Contracting Companies

Only the Best Will Do!

We’ve been in your chair.  We understand how important it is to have the best people.  Let us shoulder the burden of finding excellent tradesman so you can complete your contract on time and up to the best standards.  We will put the best tradesmen on your site so that your work will exceed expectations.  Our process saves you time and let’s you concentrate on getting your job done.


Safety comes first with PPS employees.  All of our contract employees are OSHA 10 certified and participate in safety training prior to stepping foot on your site.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility and our contractors live it.


Our team of experienced recruiters who are former skilled craftsmen scours the country to find great tradesmen.  Each candidate is interviewed at least twice and put through a rigorous background screening.  Employment history is checked and a criminal search is done.  We make sure that the candidates are OSHA certified and drug test them.  By the time our tradesmen arrive on your site, you can be confident that they come highly recommended by our people who have been in the field and know the trades business.

Our process saves you the hassles and money associated with turnover.  But, just as important, we bear the risk of unemployment benefits and worker’s compensation claims.

PPS Employees

PPS employs a traveling workforce specializing in industrial and large commercial projects.  Our recruiters are experts in providing fully qualified craftsmen wherever and whenever you need them.


You need the very best employees to get the job done.  We are able to attract and retain the best contract employees.  We offer a comprehensive compensation package that includes competitive pay and excellent benefits such as health care insurance, bonus, holiday pay and much more.

We continuously communicate with you and the employees to ensure the very best are working for you.


We have a pool of road warriors who are the best in the business.  These guys know what it takes to get the job done and done right- the first time, on time.  We also recruit locally if you prefer to pick from the best local talent.