About us

PPS Trades is a skilled trades staffing company providing jobs for skilled craftsmen at a broad range of contracting companies.  We recruit and hire the best and brightest craftsmen and find a match with a top notch contractor.  The legwork is done for the tradesmen so that they can move from job to job, project to project with the confidence that another great assignment is lined up for them.  Work for PPS and PPS will keep you working.

Our Staff

The PPS staff has extensive experience not only in recruiting but also in the field.  Our people have worked in the trades so they know the importance of keeping busy and job stability.  We have been in your shoes and will work tirelessly to make sure that you make the most money on the safest job sites.

Local branches are supported by a headquarters team that expertly handles your payroll, benefits and other human resource needs.

Why PPS?

Safety is our top priority.  We strive to only work with the safest work sites and constantly improve the safety of each site where we work.  Additionally, we offer top pay scale with excellent overtime opportunity.  You want steady work and we will provide you the least down time.  You will also enjoy a comprehensive benefits package.

We’re looking for the best tradesmen. Apply today.