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  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Increased production without new hires
  • Freedom in evaluation during training
  • Decreased turnover during training
  • Improved cash flow

Review the Advantages

Eliminate Advertising: Eliminate the high cost of advertising. We use local newspapers, technical trade journals, magazines and the internet. We are experts in writing promotional copy and classified advertising designed to recruit new applicants.

Eliminate Prescreening: Eliminate the time involved in prescreening. We personally take all calls and answer any questions about the position, location, wages and hours.

Eliminate Reviewing Resumes: We take the time to read every resume, call the applicant, set the appointment for interviews and file and categorize each resume based on the job skills.

Eliminate Interviewing: A complete interview takes about an hour. This includes a summarization of the job description and the actual duties performed. We also evaluate the applicant’s ability, personality and minimum wage requirements.

We Check References: With the experience we have in interviewing, nothing replaces the recommendation of a fellow employee or former employer. Sometimes we will find more good traits about a person from a past employer than from the applicant themselves.

We Sell the Opportunity: We will go over all the positive points about the position. If the position is contract to hire, we will sell the opportunity of working for your company. Each company has their individual good points that make them a great place to work.

We Negotiate the Pay Rate: Here’s where our experience really counts. We advise on current pay rates with our many years of experience. Our Expertise will help you attract and retain the best.

We Setup the Interview: When we are convinced that we have the best applicant for the job order, we will call you, review the individual’s qualifications and arrange a time conducive to your schedule.

We Recruit Hard-to-Find Personnel: We will invest countless hours recruiting individuals that have specific job skills that may be hard to find.

We Explain Job Duties: We will go over the complete job descriptions in detail, including hours, location and starting pay rate.

Handle Paperwork: When an individual starts their job, they will have a time sheet. They will write in their hours and have it signed by their supervisor/foreman. You will receive a copy for your records.

Pay All Wages, Taxes and Insurance: We will do all the payroll accounting, pay state and federal unemployment taxes, match FICA and pay workers’ compensation premiums.

Please remember, Professional Placement Services will provide the very best applicants available. We will call the first day the employee starts to check arrival and job performance. We will check references. We will also do criminal background checks and drug tests per your request.

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