Policies and Procedures

Professional Placement Services is a forward-thinking, fast-track and professional company that places the very best people with the very best companies. We accomplish this through strong and ethical leadership, accomplished internal sales, recruiting and administration staff, and dedication to the customer goal.

Whatever your need as a company, Professional Placement Services has a solution to providing you with your next new hire.

CONTRACT: Employ your new hire as a contracted worker for the duration of your needs.

Professional Placement Services is staffed with consultants who are experienced staffing Construction, Marine and Maintenance Industries.
Professional Placement Services will only supply you position specific hand-picked applicants which are qualified to handle your specific job needs.
Our Contract works exceptionally well for contractors in covering all employee burden such as Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, FICA, and State taxes.
Utilizing the contract option allows the employer to:
• Evaluate an individual’s working habits such as attendance, punctuality, attitude toward the job and attitude toward their peers.
• Make certain the new hire progresses on target for job performance and skill level.
• Minimize the risk of making a bad hiring decision and reduce the rate of turnover.
• Eliminate the labor burden risks of Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Liability, Insurance and taxes.


Professional Placement Services also offers Direct Placement on all positions. Typically used for salaried openings, this program can also be used for hiring hourly employees should the customer choose this program. Our interviewing and screening process is always face-to-face, thorough and completed by high-level, talented recruiters. We arrange, schedule, and travel to the customer’s market with a dedicated team of the industry’s best!

Our Direct Hire program allows the candidate to be hired onto your company payroll on day one. We apply a fee based on a percentage of the candidate’s first-year income but this fee is charged to the customer only after the candidate’s first day of employment. Although the circumstance would be rare, Professional Placement Services does offer a guarantee on all Direct Hire placements.


Professional Placement Services (here after referred to as PPS) is an equal opportunities employer. PPS seeks and employs qualified persons in all job classifications and positions without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, handicap, disability, marital, or veteran status. Law specifically prohibits such discriminatory practices.

This policy governs all areas of employment at PPS, including recruiting, hiring, training, assignments, promotions, compensation, benefits, discipline, and termination. If you believe your equal employment rights have been violated, you may contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Federal Communications Commission or the appropriate state or local EEO agency.